Sunday, June 28, 2009

In last few weeks

Was it really more than a month without posts? But I guess you know how it is – I didn’t post for few days and there were more and more topics I wanted to write about, so I kept on postponing until tomorrow and with every day it was getting harder and harder to find time to sit down and start typing.
It’s been busy few weeks:
We painted the guest room, which will become the study/studio at the end of this summer. Katya helped, so it took much longer than expected.
Painting walls
I finally made something from Weekend Sewing book by Heather Ross - one headscarf for me and one for my daughter. I'm planning to make few other things from that book, maybe even next week.

Paul from Oz and his lovely girlfriend stayed with us and on their departure gave Katya a box of LEGO DUPLO . She loves playing with it and so do I.
Few other friends were in London for few days, but we didn't get to spend as much time with them as we would like.

My mum managed to get to our house despite Tube (underground) strike and spent three weeks with us. Every morning she managed to tempt Katya into hairbrushing by promise of braids.

We went to Chatham Dockyards and Maritime museum at Greenwich, which reminded me that I find naval (especially Arctic exploration) history fascinating.

While my mum babysat, my husband and I went to Browns for high afternoon tea (delicious, relaxing and fascinating part of English culture) and to see new Star Trek movie, which made me want to run away from home to join Starfleet.

I got a box of books at the Amnesty International book sale and one of them, Mog in The Dark by Judith Kerr, became Katya's new favourite. I'm so glad I no longer have to read "Railway Series" stories everyday.

We are slowly adding plants to our garden, but I came to accept that it will take years to get it to the harmonious state.
New plant potKatya seem to like wakeing up shortly after sunrise - it's not too bad during long London winter nights, but is pretty early (even for me) in summer. Tomorrow she'll be up at around 5:30, it's almost 10pm now and so it's time for me to go off to bed. Sweet dreams to you all.