Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Please allow me to introduce to you
Goldfish Ozzie
Shubunkin Milly
and Stripe
Goldfish Stripe

Katya named the first two and got stuck on the name for the last one, so I suggested Stripe. Yes, I know, my name suggestion wasn't very imaginative. I like the names she gave the fish and am glad that she didn't come up with the silly ones like the ones she is creating for the baby (the most memorable so far was Ballooney).

I never thought that watching fish can be so addictive, relaxing, funny and energizing. We are spending silly amounts of time sitting in front of the aquarium, but it is such a pleasure to be able to stay still for a bit.


driftwood said...

cute fish!

have I missed something perhaps???? Balloony? x

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she'll have more inspiration with names after a personal meeting :-)

Annie said...

Better than watching fish, honestly, I simply loved watching my cat watch the fish. She'd sit there, paws tucked in, watching for all the world as though she were watching TV.