Saturday, March 26, 2011


Two weeks left until the due date, so I'm trying to finish few things before all the free time is eaten up by taking care of a newborn.

Last night I finished knitting my first item with the armholes and look it fits!
Milo Vest

Pattern: Milo by Georgie Hallam
Yarn: Rowan RYC Cashcotton DK
Details on Ravelry

And today I attached the final layer of hair to my first Waldorf limbed doll. Now I just need to make some cloths (preferably of the cute variety) for her as my daughter strictly highlighted that she wants a doll with LOTS of cloths.
Waldorf limbed doll

While attaching the hair I kept on thinking that it was very similar in colour to my sister's and when my husband saw the finished doll his first words were "Now we can pretend that you sister is still here". How I wish that she was here instead of on the other side of the planet.


driftwood said...

that jumper is gorgeous, she looks so grown up in it. and the doll is going to be soooo loved. have fun with the clothes, and enjoy the last 2 weeks, hope the baby pays attention and knows when to come - neither of mine paid any attention to due dates xxx

Anonymous said...

Very cute, love the colours!

Annie said...

Your daughter is so adorable. Now, we need a photo of your sister to compare!

Rachael said...

LOVE both the sweater and the doll. They are great!!