Saturday, April 16, 2011

I forgot

I forgot how much I like the newborn smell and the softness of their skin and hair; how tiny and fragile looking the newborn babies are, and yet sturdy and full of life; how ugly they look and yet how easy it is to see the beauty in them and fall in love.

I haven’t forgotten how precious and fast fleeting the moments with them are, how quickly they grow and change – I have a walking talking example to remind me. And so while there are still two other adults in the household and plenty of peaceful slow-paced moments I allow myself to choose to lie next to my son during his awake and aware moments and stare at his face and constantly moving arms and legs, knowing full-well that no matter how much I look very little of the precious details of the way he looks today will be left in my memory.


Rachael said...

Love the sentiment. It does go by so fast, that newborn stage...savor it!

Vasilisa said...

:) he looks like such a wonderful little baby boy. I know what you mean - I remember having these moments with Tim and thinking how I never want to forget my feeling and emotion then... but alas - it's gone. It flies, this time... but we're so blessed to have a chance to experience it :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the look of concentration on his face :-)

driftwood said...

priceless moments