Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Discovering the world: rainbow

Flower stamps

On Sunday Katya got excited about seeing a rainbow for the first time, by the end of the day we saw three. As a child I remember sitting on the riverbank and windowsills watching the rain and spotting the rainbows, but more recently a whole year could pass without me seeing one. Since I started working there wasn’t much time left for looking out of the windows; worst still some of the officerooms I worked in didn’t have any windows. So the whole days could pass without knowing if it was raining or sunny outside.

Now I may not have time for other things, but there is plenty to spend outside and looking out of the windows. And while watching my daughter splashing in the puddles I’m grateful for the pleasure of seeing the rain as an act of beauty, part of the creation and growth process instead of viewing it as a nuisance. And sometimes there is even a rainbow to be spotted in the distance.


driftwood said...

what a lovely post, children are so good at helping us find joy in the commonplace xx

Annie said...

Oh, the sin of working in a place with no windows! To my hearty dismay that will be my fate next year. At least if I step out the door, I'll see the big double-doors with a good view of the outdoors.

Lovely photo! I saw hardly any rainbows as a child....I don't think they have many in that part of Colorado. Well, not much rain!