Thursday, January 21, 2010

Discovering the world: using a knife

Cutting butter
She can now cut cucumber and butter all by herself.
Buttering toast
The only problem is that she doesn't seem to be interested in eating anything, but the food made by herself.


Tanya said...

Can she help you with things you make so she feels like she's contributing to those meals?

driftwood said...

she may get bored of cucumber sandwiches eventually... I remember all those "I do it!" from my children, now I have to drag them into the kitchen to get them to help xxx

Annie said...

What delightful photos.... And what a good start! Maria Montessori pointed out that you have to "strike while the iron is hot" with childrens' desire to work...that if you make them wait until you think they are "ready" (or you are ready to deal with their efforts) you will have lost your window of opportunity. I did find that to be true with my children.