Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Knitting in the round

I was looking after my friend’s son on Saturday, so spent most of the Sunday feeling that it was the first day of the weekend, which may explain why I totally forgot to write the usual post with a quote. Ironically enough on Monday my husband stayed home due to a bad cold and I managed to complete a number of the boring household tasks only to end up with a splitting headache by the end of the day. The only cure for which was to go to bed early preventing me again from blogging or crafting.

Anyhow on Saturday I was very glad to discover that I can now knit (albeit very simple things) and look after two toddlers. I too clearly remember the time just two years ago when I needed extremely quiet and peaceful environment to manage knitting few stitches without getting horribly confused or knitting them a wrong way, which meant that knitting was reserved for evenings and progressed dreadfully slowly.
Knitted balls
The two balls knitted from leftover Noro Kureyon Sock following the pattern from Itty-Bitty Toys by Susan B. Anderson are my small addition to a hat requested by a very good friend.
Hat for newborn
The hat (pattern by Ginny) was so easy to knit and will hopefully help me break my fear of attempting to knit wearable items. I’m so much dreaming of knitting socks for myself as my feet keep on getting too cold every time I go outside this winter.

Unlucky for my sock-knitting plans upon seeing the little hat my daughter requested I’ll knit her one (multi-coloured, orange and red and yellow) and when we looked on Ravelry to find the perfect pattern, she also requested another hat, a toy and a vest. And wait, she also wants four knitted balls, not three as requested previously. Hopefully I have enough Noro Kureyon Sock yarn left, as most of it was used up in knitting a long rainbow snake.
Rainbow snake
I'm glad my daughter likes it despite the fishy face, which is result of me improvising instead of following a pattern, .
Rainbow snake
My husband also wants a beanie hat – light brown with orange and blue stripes, but thankfully is happy to wait. So maybe, just maybe, by next winter we’ll all have hand-knitted hats and socks to keep us extra warm.


Annie said...

Oh, my heavens! I love, love, LOVE that snake!!!! It is the dearest thing imaginable! And it's sweet face, too!

AND the balls are just So cool! I envy both you and Ginny being able to knit and taking such lovely photos of the beautiful things you make. I can possibly just crochet. No time for it really, but I'd love to.

You are very talented! Be sure to show us the other things when they are done!

driftwood said...

such lovely things xoxox that snake is fantastic x
I'm on my first pair of socks, but I'm still at the need total concentration stage of knitting x
hope the headache is better

Rachael said...

That snake is adorable.

Suddenly Little Girl is looking sort of grown up too! Is it the new hairstyle?

MJ said...

Very nice! Your art works is beautiful.