Thursday, January 27, 2011

Too much?

ANZAC biscuits

Yesterday, to celebrate the Australia Day, we baked some ANZAC biscuits. It looks like there is enough to last until my sister arrives here on Saturday night, but just in case there isn't I ordered some extra groceries for her one week stay:
- chocolate spread
- two types of ice-cream (I was tempted to get three, but wasn't sure if they will all fit into our freezer)
- Jaffa Cakes
- ingredients for a cheesecake
- maple syrup for crepes, pancakes or waffles (or maybe all of the above)
- ingredients for chai mix

Oh, and one of the fridge shelves is full of jelly. Katya spotted a multi-coloured jelly in a cafe, so of course we had to make some using four different flavours/colours (Last time I made jelly was about three years ago, so I underestimated with how much we'll end up).

And I'm tempted to make some type of sweet buns. And if I can find tapioca before my sister's arrival, I certainly will be making tapioca pudding (Lovely recipe, though I usually replace the sugar and one cup of milk with sweetened condensed milk. I had a craving for tapioca pudding for weeks now, but none of the local supermarkets seem to stock it this winter).

My sister has a sweet tooth, but do you think I'm going a bit over the top? (Did I mention she is only here for one week?)


driftwood said...

oh yummy. looks like you are going to have an amazing time x

Anonymous said...

No such thing as too many sweets :-)

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm I agree you can never have too many sweet things! x

Tanya said...

Yum. :)

Annie said...

The ANZAC biscuits look good - are they?