Tuesday, April 21, 2009


On Sunday Can and I discovered this little flowering bush in our garden among all the weeds
After spending almost two years in a flat, I'm really enjoying having a little outside space of our own to play in and run around, specially on the days when we are stuck at home waiting for yet another delivery. A lawnmower arrived yesterday, so we can finally cut the grass once the husband is back from the work trip to New York.


Annie said...

What a pretty back garden! At least it has potential! And the little flowering bush is very pretty!

Tanya said...

How wonderful it is to have an outside space! :) Today was a beautiful sunny day so I took Maya outside to lie on a picnic rug and look at the sky, trees, flowers, birds... I couldn't have done that at my last place. :) P.S. I'd love to see pictures of your place. :)

Rachael said...

gorgeous photos...both of them