Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter in Photos

Unlike Driftwood I was very disorganized this Easter, so we didn't have an Easter Egg hunt or new crocheted chicks to play with. However I baked two lots of hot cross buns and strangely enough the one made out of mixture of plain, rye and self-raising wholemeal flour turned out much better than the traditional one (I wasn't experimenting - just run out of plain flour). The four days ended up being packed with activities:

Baby lamb
We saw newborn lambs at the Woodlands Farm

At the fair
We went to a fair where the Little Girl got to ride the little trains, while persistently asking to go on the biggest, scariest, fastest and craziest rides.

We drew on the train to Royal Tunbridge Wells. (I just love the look of total concentration on her face when she draws - I suspect I look very similar when I draw.) We didn't get to see much of the town, except the main shopping street that took us to the Spa Valley Railway, where we spent a lot of time looking at and riding the trains - everyone in our tiny family seem to be a train nut - Railway Series is the current reading favourite and The Little Girl wants to change her name to Thomas, James or Percy (train characters from the above book).
Somehow we also managed to walk, run, play and feed birds & squirrels in the local park. The last one thanks to a stranger, who kindly gave a small bag of left-over peanuts to the Little Girl when his older children lost interest in the tiny overfed fury creatures.


Annie said...

Oh, how beautiful! I love the photos! I think of one of my (and my children's favorite books) The Railway Children by E Nesbit.

driftwood said...

love that concentrating face xxx

I never managed to make hot cross buns though.....