Thursday, April 16, 2009

From pincushion to toy

I needed a pin cushion for a long time and last week I finally made one using the tutorial by UK Lass in US.

Apple Pincushion

Of course a day later it was abducted by my daughter to be used as a plaything, so I'll have to make another one for myself. There are so many to choose from:
- matching pear one from UK Lass in US
- yummy tomato one from Martha Stewart
- simple, yet cute toadstool, square or hexagon one from Kootoyo (she even has videos of how to make them)
- adorable tiny bottelcup one from Very Big Jen (check out the ones she made)

But I should remember do something really boring to avoid the upgrade of its pincushion status to the toy one.


Rachael said...

Happy to be your first "follower." Glad you've been inspired to dip back into the Blogworld!

Vasilisa said...

I like the name of the new blog :) And the pincushion is cool - I totally understand how Katya found it so attractive :) PS: sorry to hear about your eye - hope you feel better now!

Annie said...

I am blown away by the woman who seems to have made a life's work of pincushions! And they are all just gorgeous! Yours is pretty cute, too.

UK lass in US said...

I had the same problem - I couldn't keep the kids away from the apple and pear...