Saturday, August 8, 2009

Short weekend

We were supposed to be preparing the downstairs walls for painting; but the sun was shining outside, the skies were blue and since rainless weekend summer days are rare in England we decided to spend the day outside. (there seems to be plenty of sunny spring & autumn workdays) After looking through my big bag of travel brochures and changing my mind few times I settled on going to the Hall Place & Gardens.
Hall Place
It was lovely to look around the House and to walk in the Gardens. Of course as always I took too many photos of the flowers.
In the evening we did prep the walls and will probably attempt to paint them over the next few evenings as my poor husband has to work tomorrow. And painting the walls with no one else around to distract a toddler is just asking for trouble.


Rachael said...

This is the reason that I think I'm going to keep the same color in my kitchen: if I keep the same color, I don't have to worry about the little hard to reach crevices and my job will be a whole lot easier! (4 kids/2 dogs are hard on walls, and it will really make me happy to see them fresh and clean, however little length of time it lasts.) I'm thinking of making some little cafe rod curtains for the 2 windows to add a little splash of new color. I'll be thinking of you: I think your job (judging from previous pictures) it going to be a lot harder labor than mine! Good luck!!

Annie said...

Rachael....why do I think your kitchen should be sunny yellow or sky blue? Something very cheerful and pretty? I think you said tan? That is not my image of you at all..... and Fioleta, YOU also need something artistically charming and flower-like.

An acquaintance has a blue kitchen. Delphinium blue - but the blue ones....not like those in the photo you included. I'm so smitten with that kitchen. Can you tell? My talented and artistic blog friends should have such a kitchen.

What a gorgeous day - and charming opportunity! Sadly no country houses here to visit.