Thursday, August 20, 2009


Everynight after we put Katya to bed, we paint. Two coats of primer/undercoat and two coats of final paint on the ceiling, the walls, the skirting, the bookshelves. There is also sanding, masking and vacuum cleaning. So far only the ceiling in one room is completely done, as we can do only one coat per night. Therefore we'll have to continue next week and maybe the week after. But this weekend we are off to Birmingham for Festival of Quilts. It will be wonderful not to breath in the paint fumes for at least one night.


Yeah So said...

oooh. brings back painful memories from when we first bought our house. glad youre getting away for a bit.

Tina in CT said...

Getting a room, or rooms, redone is so time consuming. Good break this weekend. I'm sure the quilt festival will be wonderful. We went to the Kutztown Folk Festival in Lancaster County, PA, when my daughter was about the same age as your daughter. Lancaster is the heart of where the Amish live and they are known for their quilting. It was fabulous.