Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I thought this was a crafty blog?

I guess I was wrong, as the last entry that has something handmade in it was at the end of July. Wasn’t July like yesterday? No? Give me a second while I’ll try to figure out what months it is now. Ah, yes – November. I guess I should be happy that it isn’t yet December, but probably should start stressing about all the Christmas presents that need to be made. Though maybe need is the wrong word to use. “You don’t need X, you just want it” my husband keeps on telling our daughter, who screams about needing the tiniest things in the tone of voice that implies that her life depends on them.

Anyway, here are most of the items made since the end of July (there are more details on Ravelry):
Crochet fruit & veg
Crochet fruit & veg
The set of fruit & veg I made for a friend's daughter's first birthday present.

Crochet banana and carrot
The only vegetable & fruit I managed to crochet for my daughter before I got extremely bored with making fruit & veg.

Crochet autumn heart
An autumn heart for my husband. (pattern: MyGurumi Pop-Heart)

Crochet mouse
A mouse for my "mad scientist" sister from this pattern.

Looks like crochet is my comfort craft – when everything else fails I can still crochet.


Yeah So said...

oh the cuteness! And I am so making that mouse - I saw you had it in your list of ravelry projects and I favorited it too.

And...raising children is just another form of craftiness!

Rachael said...

they are darling! all of them!

driftwood said...

just fantastic! and I love the mouse, off to look at the pattern right now - the house work can wait! xxx

Annie said...

Oh, gosh....how I'd have relished a gift like that for one of my children - so much so they wouldn't have been allowed to touch them!