Saturday, November 21, 2009

The year of visitors

While the last year was the year of travel, this one turned out to be the year of visitors. I experienced so much joy chatting to people I love, sharing daily tasks with them and having some adult company during the day. New comers to London also remind me how magical this city is, how much there is to see and to do here. After five years many sites, customs, events that appeared amazing became familiar and marching through my daily life I forget to notice the beauty and wonder that surrounds me.
Royal Observatory Greenwich
Royal Observatory, Greenwich Park

I always find it fascinating which small details various people notice. The latest visitor to London was surprised at how tame the birds and the squirrels are, so when we went to the local park I couldn’t resist taking some photos for her.
Fearless pigeons
Fearless goose
Fearless squirrel
However there is a slight drawback to constant flow of guests. In between welcoming and saying farewell I swiftly lost my daily rhythm. And I rely on it to carry me through the days as much as most toddlers do. Without it I feel lost, dejected and unenthusiastic. It is so easy to spend my evenings in front of TV. Yet it’s exactly the wrong thing to do, so I’m slowly working towards re-establishing my routines. This week I serendipitously stumbled across Are So Happy blog, whose author is currently writing a series of posts on daily rhythm. She also posts a quote with a photo every Sunday – maybe it is time for me to resurrect my “quote of the week” posts under a new name. See you tomorrow with a quote.


Rachael said...

Love it! And the kids will too, when I show them. =)

Ruth's Place said...

My little one is loving your 'birdie' pictures.

driftwood said...

losing your rhythm can be so easy.... I'm off for a read of that blog to see if I can find some too. xxoxoxoxxo