Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's that noise?

A friend and her almost three-year old son needed somewhere to stay for one week and our house was the only sensible option. With them they brought some of his plastic button pushing, light flashing, music making, battery-operated toys. And since my daughter doesn’t have any she loved playing with his today. At some point there were three of them singing three different equally horrible tunes all at ones. I have “A is for apple. D is for Dog” stuck in my head together with that unnatural extremely happy, over-enthusiastic voice that only battery-operated toys for babies and toddlers seem to have. That voice all on its own makes me feel irritable, stressed and grumpy. I think I’ll listen to some peaceful classical music before going to bed tonight. I'll need a totally different state of mind for getting through tomorrow.


Tanya said...

I find with those battery-operated toys that the majority of them are not intuitive. What I mean is there is always something on them that M will press to make it work but it's not actually a button. And in fact I usually want to press the same thing as her, so it can't be an age thing (unless it says something about my mental age ;).

driftwood said...

oh I remember those, I used to dread them, and be oh so happy if the batteries ran out! in fact one might have had the batteries taken out secretly......... lovely of you to have your friend to stay xxx