Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Mysteries of Age

Katya: “Let’s play something! Pretend I’m a girl and my name is Isabella and I am seven. And pretend that you are my mummy and your name is Grace and you are eighty-eight."

Katya: “Are you a teenager?”
I: “No”
Katya: “Is Clive a teenager?”
I: “No”
K.: “Is M (older boy from kindergarten) a teenager?”
I: “No”
K.: “Is baba (grandma) a teenager?”
I: “No”
K: “Am I a teenager?”
I: “No”
K: “But when am I going to be a teenager? I want to be a teenager!”


Tanya said...

hahahaha. I had a good laugh at this conversation. :)

driftwood said...

very funny. I have 5 months before I have a teenager........

Annie said...

I have three teenagers. Mixed blessings!

Pen+Ink said...

Sounds just like Trinity Rose.
Try not to run screaming when she insists that only skinny jeans will do!