Saturday, July 23, 2011

Using up

Flower brooches

When I started knitting I used to find yarn at the charity shops (op-shops)and on sales and almost anything looked good enough. With a bit more experience I became pickier and also more aware of the gorgeous yarns available nowadays. Oh the temptation! I can almost hear them whispering: "Look at my amazing colour changes", "Feel how soft and light I am", "Imagine how warm I'll keep you in winter".

Flower brooches

Alas we somehow managed to accumulate the ridiculous amount of stuff in the last five years and I feel that a lot of time is taken up by sorting, re-sorting, tiding away and shifting items from one place to another. Even my book collection and craft stash are starting to be the source of stress instead of pleasure.

Green bracelet
Pretty twisted cuff - pattern by Cat Wong, button from Dottery Pottery

Therefore, as part of greater decluttering undertaking, I'm on the mission to use up whatever craft supplies I have. All of these items were made from Noro Silk Garden Sock and Noro Kureyon Sock yarn left-over from the Chameleon blanket. I still have about 60 grams of Noro Kureyon Sock left over and I plan to turn it into sev[en]circle necklace by Kirsten Johnstone.

60-g left


Annie said...

I LOVE those flowers! If you feel like being part of something lovely and have too many pretty things to use yourself, I think Rachael and I are hoping to re-start her Etsy store in order to make money for New Horizons hosting program. :)

I hope it gives me a good excuse to spend some time doing what I love to do - sewing and crafts. They always seem to take a backseat now to other good works.

driftwood said...

oooh more gorgeous flowers! I love mine and it gets lots of admiration x

and I quite understand the need for a bit of stash decluttering, I really really really need to do some of that.....

Tanya said...

This post reminded me of my mother. She LOVED op shopping and she was always picking up bits and pieces for crafting. I still haven't gotten through all her stuff. There is so much of it. And it's all sorted away into little boxes. I also found a few little projects she was working on. I have given most of it back to the op shops though because I just don't share this same interest as her. But I've kept a few things I can use or that Maya might want for crafty projects. xx

Dominique said...

I am coveting that button! And how gorgeous are those flowers...yummy!