Friday, July 24, 2009

Lucky me

I learned to crochet as a child and crocheted on and off for most of my life, so it is one craft area in which I feel reasonably comfortable. It is also one of the things I can do while Katya is awake. So when talented Barmyowlscoo mentioned having idea for the quilt with crocheted doilies I offered to make some for her.

Swap package
In return she sent me all these goodness: tinny owl, kiddie fabric (I should write down all ideas I have for it, so I can choose one and get it done), potholders created by herself and a painting set for Katya (not included in this photo as the Little One wanted to try it out straight away). Here is a close up of the potholders - aren't they gorgeous?
Quilted potholders
Why do I always feel that I got a much better package than the one I sent?


Annie said...

I have to admit - that's a pretty good package!! But I have a hard time believing it could be better than the one you sent!

Kayla coo said...

I wish I could crochet there are so many pretty things you can make.
The potholders are lovely.x