Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two weeks later

As of today we have a working fridge! And an oven (though I didn't try using it yet, there are too many controls - may have to read the manual)
Downstairs renovations
After two weeks of odd food, Katya finally asked for peas. She loves frozen peas and good luck to anyone, who offers to heat them up - warm peas trigger bouts of loud screaming. After explaining my inability to produce frozen peas, we went in search of a place that has peas on their menu. No luck (to my horror I found out months ago that the local pub serves tinned peas with their fish & chips! yuck). But fortunately the local veggie shop had some fresh garden peas and they were met with enthusiastic approval.
Shelling peas

Now I wonder how long it will be between Katya realizing that the fridge is working and asking for the frozen peas.


Annie said...

Worse yet - she might become enamored of the fresh ones! (Here, at least, for most of the year they cost an arm and a leg.)

My children adore canned peas. I personally prefer them to frozen...but neither are much like the fresh ones. Your daughter is gorgeous!!!

Ginny said...

My kids are the same-they will only eat peas frozen or fresh. No cans, no heating allowed.
Your renovations are looking great.

Ruth's Place said...

The kitchen looks like it's coming up beautifully, LOVE the floor.

Katya is a cutie.