Sunday, July 19, 2009

Quote for my husband

My daughter's drawing
The artistic temperament! What nonsense! There's no such thing. Only amateurs have temperaments. Real artists get on with the job and don't fuss about it. If you hear anyone talking about the artistic temperament, you can be sure they don't know what they're talking about.
from Clockwork or All Wound Up by Philip Pullman


Rachael said...

Interesting...I clearly have no idea what I'm talking about then. =)

BTW -- off topic, but I used one of the crochet flowers you sent me on a purse today. It is SO perfect for it. I'm planning on giving the purse to a friend for her daughter she is adopting from Russia. I hope this is an acceptable use for your kind donation that you made for my store! (Don't worry, the other things you sent me will go to the store once I finally figure out what I'm doing with that. And, this friend is the friend who delivers all the Simple Wishes gifts for me, so it's still a good cause and I hope you approve!)

Annie said...

Ah-ha! Now I know what Rachael is up to!

I love the photo...and I think you are right about the quote. "Temperament"...I suppose non-artists can also be quite temperamental and some artists can be mellow.

HOWEVER, that said....I recently heard a presentation (well, part of it, which is why my handle on the specifics is weak) by a man who wrote a book about adults who underwent great pychological trauma as children. Apparently, a great many of them (quite as you'd expect) lead completely wasted lives. However, another significant subset become stellar artists, actors, poets, writers. Now, my guess is that THOSE artists ARE temperamental. And perhaps that is where the idea originated.