Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A week later

Downstairs renovations
I took this photo today in the morning, so there was even more progress by the end of today. I find the noise and presence of strangers in the house somewhat stressful, specially because Katya thinks that they are great fun and periodically screams about going downstairs to help the builders or calls them upstairs to play. So most of last week we spent outside visiting museums and parks until I caught a cold. This week we spent at home with only short escapes to get food and tomorrow is promising to be even worse than today (and it was one long boring & tiring day) since Katya is now also sick.


Tanya said...

Sorry to hear you are both sick. How long will the renovations take? Hopefully not too long.

Rachael said...

Did you choose your color yet?

Hope you're both better soon. I had the worse summer cold when all my relatives were in town, and I spent the whole week trying not to share. It just doesn't seem right to be sniffling in summer.

Annie said...

So sorry you're not feeling well, but the kitchen must been somewhat looks so bright and happy even at this point!