Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Renovations started

The builders (or Bodie Builder as Katya calls them, though she means to say Bob The Builder) started today. Bye-bye old kitchen! Bye-bye the wall, Bye-bye ugly carpet and ceiling. Bye fridge (I miss you already)!
1. Today: Morning, 2. Today: Late afternoon

Question to self: Why didn't we try all the various colours on the bit of the wall that was destined to be removed? (and we still have no idea what colour we will paint the walls)


Annie said...

Oh, isn't it the way? We always think of these things too late.

What is it that makes photos get big when you click on them? Yours don't. Some people's do. I don't understand it.

Tanya said...

Without the wall the room looks so much lighter and roomier.

P.S. Had to laugh at your paint on the wrong wall. :)

driftwood said...

good luck with it all, it will be great. xx